Benlysta as an Add-On Treatment: German Cohort

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  1. Tina says:

    I have been using Benlysta for 2 years and it has significantly helped with my joint pain and inflammation. It is a miracle!

  2. Carrie Harrell-Payton says:

    I began using Benlysta in June of 2016. I did not begin to feel any significant results until the end of December 2016. I was diagnosed with Lupus 5 years ago. I noticed that this was the first time in 5 years that I didn’t wind up in the hospital. Prior years before, it seemed I always wound up in the hospital every December and February for debilitating muscle and joint pain, migraine, and fatigue. In November of 2016 I could barely walk. I had a cane for support. This year I’m walking without a cane, and my flares don’t seem to be as intense.

    In January 2017, I did go to the emergency room for off the chart joint pain, but was not admitted. In February I was in the emergency room for debilitating chest pain. I’d had these pains before off and on over the past five years, but never knew what or why. The ER doctor said I had Pleurisy, something common with people who have Lupus. I was given an injection for pain, and a prescription for a muscle relaxant.

    For the most part I still have the same Lupus symptoms, but not as severe. I’m not sure if the Benlysta or the Lupus has caused my hair to fall out more, thin out my eye brows, under arm hair, and pubic hairs. I still have the rash during flare-ups, but not as severe. The fatigue is the only thing that hasn’t changed much. I haven’t had mouth sores in a while, but during flares the sores and pimples return.

    Benlysta has made me feel better overall. I’m grateful for this medication.

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