Benlysta (Belimumab) for Lupus (SLE)

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  1. G A Wilson says:

    I was a part of the study before it was approved. It was awesome for me….flares were at a minimum.

    1. Lorri L Lajoie says:

      I just have a few questions for you: Are you still using Benlysta? Does it still bring you relief? I have been told that its studies have shown you get about 1 years relief, is this true?

      1. Sue says:

        I Have Been On Benlysta since the Study Began! GOING on My 14th Year It Has Been A God Send For Me And Is Still Working For Me!! Sue Allen January 12th 2017

      2. Alicia Freehardt says:

        I have been on it for two years now and it still is working just as well.

  2. ZKGUST says:

    I have been on Benlysta since 2014. The medication has restored my quality of life and I will recommend those who have tried many treatments that failed. The loading doses can be hard n the body but stick with it and allow your body to adjust.

  3. Debbie Dover says:

    Yes I was almost 2 years taking it. When sadly they decided they had no more money for the grants my insurance company only pays 1/4 now after two years of getting used to it I will have to go off. That’s really not right and terrible advertising

    1. Alicia Freehardt says:

      Here are some Assistance programs that might help you to apply for.
      The Benlysta Co-Pay Program (on the benlysta website)
      Healthwell Foundation
      The Assistance Fund

  4. Amaryllis Burkhart says:

    I was on Benlysta for 3 years. I came off of it and have been in remission for almost 2 years. I am not taking any medications except vitamins and calcium. I see my rheumatologist once a year and have labs drawn every six months. It worked great for me.

  5. Jamie says:

    I have been on benlysta for a number of years now. It has allowed me to live my life without pain and without steroids. It has truly changed my quality of life. At this point I get a treatment once every 3 months. I’m in remission and my doctor thinks I can suspend the treatment all together. Drug has definitely worked for me.

  6. Alicia Freehardt says:

    This medication is a game changer. I went from laying in bed most days because of fatigue to now hardly do that. I once told my husband that I thought about skipping a month. He looked at me and said, “Absolutely NOT!”. The medication is expensive but there are financial aid programs to help with the cost. With my insurance I pay $400 for the whole year, which is 12 infusions. I think it is money well worth spent.