Blood Test Identifies Relatives with High Lupus Risk

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  1. Ramona says:

    My mother and one of her sisters were diagnosed with Lupus. Her other sister refuses to be tested. It’s suspected that Lupus is what their grandmother also suffered with.

    1. ML says:

      Ramona, I have the same situation. I and my sister have lupus, but no one else will be tested, My grandmother died of pulmonary fibrosis and I suspect she and her sister who was home bound with arthritis might have had lupus too1 My pulmonary fibrosis was caused by lupus!

  2. I wished I had been able to participate in this study!

  3. Amber Lupton says:

    I had Rheumatic Fever as a child. I have Lupus now. I truly believe that the two have a major connection as I felt the same way with both. Please research this. Thanks❣️ Amber in Mo

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