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Cardiovascular Health & Lupus: Managing the Risk

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  1. Debra Kendrick says:

    Thank you for all this great information on Lupus. Sometimes we think we are battling this alone.

  2. I’ve learned alot from these little deals. I’m going through several of the things that have been posted lately. I appreciate the info.

  3. Christy says:

    Thank you for all the information about symptoms, medications and treatment options for lupus (All types of autoimmune disorders).
    It is extremely reassuring to realize that I am not alone, that someone DOES understand the daily struggle. Even spouses who are supportive often still do not grasp the true depth of the fatigue and pain of just getting through the day.
    My husband tries to understand, i know i am lucky and blessed to have him. However, sometimes when i comment about a struggle he just poo- poo’s me, like “oh, it’s not as hard as you think just try harder”. He doesn’t “get” that i give 150% EVERYDAY. Not just the days i happen to mention i am struggling. EVERYDAY.
    So knowing there are others who DO “Get it” really helps mentally. I am not crazy.
    I fear that my grandchildren will only remember me as the crazy, sick grama who was always complaining about pain and being tired.
    I used to be the “Fun” grama, trips to the beach, parks, Disneyland. That changed almost overnight after a major car accident. I had symptoms for many years prior to this car accident however, i had managed them without medications for 10 years. It was like someone turned on the light switch and i haven’t been able to turn it off… for the last 15 years. Not sure if the stress, the medications for the broken bones, age or what set of the major flair but it has been overwhelming ever since.
    I mourn the freedom of being pain and fatigue free.
    I mourn the loss of being able to physically and mentally doing what i was capable of doing prior to that dreadful day.
    Thank you for listening, for caring. I hope you know what a blesding you give to other warriors daily. Through the information, advise, listening and support that your site provides for us.
    Bless you and stay strong warrior!!

    1. brett says:

      Hi Christy,
      Thank you for being part of the community and taking the time to share your experiences. I’m sorry to hear about your challenges and truly hope all the best for you. Your strength is definitely understood here!
      We want the LupusCorner articles to be as useful as possible – if there are topics you’d like covered, please let me know.
      Also, if you are interested in contributing to the LupusCorner Q&A Forum you can email


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