Why Garlic Causes Lupus Symptoms or Flares

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  1. Leanne says:

    What are your sources? I have been looking into this for a friend but can’t find ANY research on PubMed or CINHAL. Help if you can because I would like to provide evidence based advice!

    1. brett says:

      Hello and thanks for reading!

      I will share two sets of sources that aren’t all linked in the article. The first are recommendations for reduced garlic intake from Johns Hopkins Lupus Center and the Hospital for Special Surgery.

      These recommendations to avoid garlic come from research on garlic as a stimulant for the immune system. This works against immunosuppressant medications and may increase immune system function without addressing the potential damage to the body when antibodies attack healthy cells. (Here are some primary sources on garlic as providing benefit to the immune system: Garlic Revisited (published in 1988); Aged Garlic Extract & Immune System (published in 2001).

      I am also unable to find studies directly exploring the changes in immune function for people with lupus who do or do not eat garlic. There are also anecdotes of people using garlic and feeling better.
      The LupusCorner piece here tries to acknowledge those but does lean towards the recommendations of the health centers.

      Again, thanks for reading and I hope these sources help! Using Google Scholar, you can find some other interesting studies on garlic and immune system functioning.


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