Bone Broth For Lupus – Where is the Evidence?

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  1. I have Lupus SLE and Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis high blood pressure high cholesterol and saver sinus higher hernia sever heartburn I was told I may have Fibromyalgia but Not sure about the fibromyalgia I’ve not seen it on paper….. I have blisters that come up on my skin my hands and my feet my mouth noise I have bad migraines I stay in severe pain most of the time I have sharp pain in different parts of my body and in my bones and it feels like burning and staging under my skin and lots of red lines on my skin and sometimes my pain levels are off the charts in my joints …….?

  2. Vernetta says:

    I truly enjoy consuming bone broth! It’s reduced my rheumatoid
    arthritis and overall pain a large amount. I used to be
    more sensitive to certain foods. I believe the bone broth has helped my digestion in this area.
    What do you think about drinking it with a curcumin supplement for enhanced health

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