Living with Lupus

Lupus Flares: Is There Such a Thing as Normal?

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  1. Heather says:

    I have also been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, so it is often hard to distinguish between the two.

  2. Audrey Ciancutt says:

    Find it frustrating when you doctor presents you with this diagnosis but does not provide information as to what to expect or what to look for when dealing with this disease. You are left to your own devices to figure out what is going on in your body or what is associated with Lupus or nothing to be concerned about.

    1. Vicki says:

      I agree. I have just been diagnosed and I am not sure where to start. I feel I should research what it is and what to expect but I am not sure of reliable resources

  3. KIMBERLY says:

    Some of the time my brain become psychotic when entering a flare-up. Also I have trouble with my vision and my body aches over. I might have a temperature. Chronic fatigue. Very tired. Depression. And then about a week into it, the flair vaporizes. It’s creepy, yet I listen to my body and rest, eat right, drink a lot of water and talk with family or close friends about it.

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