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Living with Lupus

Joint Pain & Swelling: Symptoms of Lupus

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  1. Stephanie Keef says:

    I feel like these tips were written with good intentions, but very unrealistic. I live with daily joint pain and swelling from Lupus and work full-time. I do have FMLA time off for those days where I just can’t take it, but I don’t use very many. It’s more of a “pain acceptance” situation. Between working, parenting two kids and being a wife, managing my joint pain with a soaking bath or calling a friend to come do stuff for me is almost comical. Unless I’m in the hospital or sleeping at night, I don’t slow down. And I’m already on every kind of drug you can think of to try to relieve the pain. I get what you guys are saying, but who really has time for a soaking bath?

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