LupusCorner & Progentec Diagnostics


October 31, 2018

To our users,

Thank you for being part of the LupusCorner community!

Nearly 3 years ago, we coded the first version of the LupusCorner app in an apartment in Washington, DC. Our mission was to transform lupus care and health management by creating new, easy-to-use technologies. Thanks to users like you, we were able to grow, adding ways to track fatigue, an expressive writing program, an educational website, and more. We continued to focus on creating powerful technologies that could make each day better for Lupus Warriors.

In pursuit of that mission, we are excited to announce that LupusCorner is joining Progentec Diagnostics. Working with researchers from the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Progentec is developing blood biomarker tests that can accurately diagnose lupus, measure disease activity, and even predict flares. In addition to their scientific expertise, the team at Progentec shares the LupusCorner mission and values. You can check out the press release here.

Our passion for providing the best tools and information possible will stay the same. But now, we’ll be able to deliver new technologies (and improve the existing ones!) faster than ever. In the coming months, you can expect:

  • An Android version of LupusCorner,
  • Improvements to the iOS LupusCorner app,
  • A revamp of the LupusCorner website,
  • And much, much more!

Again, thank you for being part of LupusCorner. We’re looking forward to taking the next step of the journey together.


Brett, Arif, & the Progentec team
P.S. Have suggestions for how we can improve LupusCorner? You can reach us at: hello@lupuscorner.com