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Smoking, e-Cigarettes, Nicotine, & Lupus

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  1. Summer Howerton says:

    I found this very confusing as to what it was trying to say about e-cigarettes and Lupus. That it triggers just like cigarettes or that it’s mainly the other carcinogens in cigarettes that exacerbate Lupus?

    1. brett says:

      Hi Summer, Thanks for reading and your question. Looking at the research, there seem to be outstanding questions about the safety of e-cigarettes, though the risks may be different than traditional smoking. While e-cigarettes introduce the body to fewer carcinogens than traditional cigarettes, there are still concerns over the impact of nicotine and/or nicotine toxicity.
      The FDA released a special announcement on April 3, 2019 about seizures and e-cigarettes. And here is some additional info on the risks associated with nicotine.

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